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To help catering company Restaurant Associates (part of Compass Group) retain their business with Google. They needed our input to create an innovative brand and style of service for Google’s in-house catering that reflected the company’s unique profile and personality. A restaurant and four micro kitchens needed modernising, and the fully subsidised food offer was to be improved significantly. Interiors and packaging would be central to the new creative approach, but we knew we had to think beyond this to align the catering with Google’s powerful brand position.



Through meetings and workshops with Restaurant Associates, we established a creative thinking list, proposing a range of food marketing concepts – such as tastings, competitions and team bonding sessions.

The restaurant (which retained its name as Café Royle after Scottish Rugby player Patrick Royle, one of the first UK Googlers) was to be the central catering brand, and the four micro kitchens would each have a unique British theme, but still feel connected to Café Royle.

Most importantly, we wanted these spaces to reflect Google’s informal approach to working life. Our solution was to create a ‘social network’ or e-forum online, as a medium for food marketing within the company. It could be used as an informal intranet, showing staff the daily menus, promoting food-related activities, and giving them the opportunity to interact with the catering team.

To stimulate and engage a variety of employees, we developed an eclectic collection of styles, and presented them like a Google search. We divided the forum into modules: a weekly creative campaign, supported by daily menus, top tips and recipes. We also introduced a ‘kitchen cam’, giving users a unique insight into the work behind scenes, and giving the chefs the chance to talk directly to their customers. With an open-source Content Management System (CMS), Restaurant Associates has the flexibility to manage the e-forum on site, and the chefs and contract manager can control the marketing campaigns.



A highly creative response, providing both graphical and technical solutions combined with uniquely designed and styled interior environments, the responses on all levels succeeded in speaking to Googlers in formats easy for them to identify with.


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