Street Food – Greasy to Gourmet

February 2, 2012 - Posted by: Vikki

What do you associate with street food? – grabbing a greasy burger at a football game, risking your life with a kebab after an evening in the pub?

Well you can’t be blamed for thinking about those kinds of foods in conjunction with street food, especially in Britain where street food for years has been rather lacking in nutrition and quality.

However, times are a changing - speed and ease no longer means that we have to suffer in quality. The burger boys behind the hugely successful ‘Meatwagon’ have proved that street food can be sold through the window of a burger van and still be delicious.

Here at designfront we are constantly working with our clients to ensure that we are on top of emerging food trends – breaking free of convention and using creativity to create unique and fashionable spaces. We aim to ensure that the design and mood of the spaces we create - compliment and work alongside the current foodie fashions. 

 It can’t be denied that the worlds outlook on street food has changed drastically as it becomes a trendy phenomenal that’s taking the world by storm – thefoodpeople released some interesting stats this week that suggest we are having what they are calling a ‘street food revolution’. Take a look –


 If your company is looking to embrace the emerging food trends that are out there at the moment and are looking for a design agency to help work alongside them – then designfront will be able to help. Please contact us at hello [at] designfront [dot] co [dot] uk


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